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Water Resources and Infrastructure

Water Resources and Infrastructure

Infinityfield full range of services to address water and sanitation Problems in Nigeria. From design and planning through implementation and monitoring, Infinityfield works with donors, government agencies, and local partners to improve access to water and sanitation resources, services, and infrastructure.

Infinityfield and its partners promote and advance best practices for provision of clean water, safe sanitation, and effective hygiene management. Our efforts support institutional strengthening of service providers, improve public health and economic growth, improving municipal service delivery, and promote resilient water resources management.

In addition to Infinityfield architecture and engineering services, Infinityfield focuses on the software required to ensure that the anticipated benefits of water and sanitation investments—from economic livelihoods to human and environmental health—are realized and are sustained. This requires careful attention to economic, social, environmental, institutional, and political aspects.

Infinityfield water and sanitation experts lend their support to projects that span the spectrum of global development issues through democracy and governance, land tenure and property rights, biodiversity, global climate change, agriculture, gender, and conflict mitigation.

Water Resources Management

Water resources management presents complex, multi-sectoral challenges that require interdisciplinary solutions Infinityfield supports activities that respond to the social, institutional, economic, and environmental pressures affecting management and use of surface and groundwater resources.

We seek to ensure that the enabling environment and human and institutional capacity are appropriate to meet the challenges. We provide scale-appropriate approaches to address issues including water resources governance, water use efficiency and demand management, adaptation to climate change, trans boundary and shared water courses, water rights and water allocation among competing users and uses, information management for decision making, and water quality management.

Ground water drilling and Survey

The ever-increasing need for groundwater has translated into using subsurface imaging to meet the demand. Generally speaking, the methods applied to find groundwater is very similar to those used for natural resource exploration; for example, mineral or petroleum products. However, the depth of exploration is much shallower. Groundwater projects conducted by InfinityField are typically in the upper 1000 feet of the ground surface, and can largely be categorized in one of three settings:

  1. 1. Unconfined aquifer investigations in shallow unconsolidated alluvial deposits where saturated porous-media flow is the target;
  2. 2. Confined aquifer investigations which is controlled by bedrock or ‘formation character’, for example shale versus sandstone, again targeting primary porosity conditions for an aquifer; or,
  3. 3. Confined groundwater conditions related to a secondary porosity regime caused by faults, fracture systems (or a combination), or karst, all of which are based on the geologic structure beneath the site.

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