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Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls

Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls

At InfinityField we offer a full suite of services encompassing all aspects of Automated Control Systems. Below is a list of some of the services we have provided to date, however is not limited to, as we always adapt to specific clients needs.


Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) and Instrument Metering

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units measure the net volume and quality of liquid hydrocarbons. Abrasive material in crude oil cause mechanical part wears which increase maintenance, operational costs and safety risk

Our team of Metering and L.A.C.T unit specialists will provides and support plant metering skid solution in unification with our allies. The solution includes E & I support services on the skid, Calibration of clients bi-directional or unidirectional prover loop using our master meter, prover tank, pulse counter and reservoir tank, Metering skid operation routine maintenance check and Provision of man power services for dynamic loading/custody transfer

Instrument Calibration Services

We offer calibration and re-certification services for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic field instrument devices. Our calibration services are carried out in accordance with ISA and NIST five point check calibration procedures, which are also in conformance with ISO 17025, API and ASME standards on calibration services.

Instrument Well Head Hookup Services

With our experienced engineers, we provide hook up, pre-commissioning and commissioning of well head platform ESD and fusible Loop instrumentation, loop test and trip test for well head instrumentation, and instrument hookup services for well head pneumatic control systems for well head Control Panel (WHCP).

Control System Configurable Pre-engineered Electrical Control Panels:

InfinityField offers configurable pre-engineered Automation and control panels designed for use in many common industrial applications. Our control panel solutions include:

  • AC Drive Panels For versatile applications such as pumps, fans, conveying systems, textiles, and machine construction.
  • DC Drive Panels Provide flexible, reliable, and affordable control for new and retrofit applications in many applications including metals, plastics, paper, cranes, mining, oil and gas, and excitation equipment.
  • SCR Control Panels Designed with configurable options to support your industrial heating and regulating process control needs.
  • NEMA Starter and IEC Starter Control Panels Designed for common industrial motor starter applications requiring either Full Voltage Reversing or Full Voltage Non-Reversing operation.
  • Operator Stations Offer a wide variety of configurable options to provide the right control for your applications.
  • Soft Starters Cost effective solution to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors.
  • Junction Boxes Configurable for a multitude of applications. Cost effective and customizable to your needs.
  • Transformers Configurable for any commercial, industrial, manufacturing, or production process application.
  • As Built Drawings
  • 3D modeling of Control panel
  • Detailed Bill of Materials in accordance with client vendor list.

  • PLC /DCS Programming
  • AutoCAD Drafting
  • HMI Configuration
    • PanelView
    • Versa View
    • PanelMate
    • Red Lion
    • Cimrex
    • Horner
  • RTU Programming
    • Fisher ROC / FloBoss
    • SCADAPack / RealFlo
    • Bristol Babcock Controlwave / 33XX
    • Nu-Flo Barton
    • Dynamic Flow Computer / Echart / EPlus
    • Flowstar

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