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We offer full suite of services

Our Services

Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Read More

At InfinityField we offer a full suite of services encompassing all aspects of Automated Control Systems. Below is a list of some of the services we have provided to date, however is not limited to, as we always adapt to specific clients needs.

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)

Instrument Calibration Services

Water Resources and Infrastructure Read More

Infinityfield full range of services to address water and sanitation Problems in Nigeria. From design and planning through implementation and monitoring, Infinityfield works with donors, government agencies, and local partners to improve access to water and sanitation resources, services, and infrastructure.

Water Resources and Infrastructure

Water Resources

Facilities and Operations management Read More

Infinityfield understands what it takes to make your facility sustainable over its entire life. We are committed to implementing innovative solutions throughout a facility's life cycle to ensure good maintenance remains affordable for our clients, protects against premature obsolescence, and provides for environmental sustainability

Operations Management

Geotechnical Engineering Read More

With hundreds of geotechnical engineers, soils technicians, and drillers on staff, Infinityfield is one of the largest firms based in Nigeria, providing geotechnical solutions west africa We use state-of-art techniques and test procedures to investigate, analyze, and develop geotechnical engineering proposals and designs for simple to complex complications relating to groundwater, soil, or rock.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Construction Management Read More

Infinityfield provides complete, turnkey construction services for facilities, pipelines, infrastructure, and energy projects around the world.

Construction Management

Construction Planning Management

EPC and design Build Read More

Infinityfield has the capabilities with a wide variety of project delivery methods, including design-build, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), build-to-print, and design-bid-build.

Infinityfield self-performs many types of design-build and construction projects. This provides greater accuracy in cost estimating, fewer problems during construction, and realistic design and construction scheduling. Our design engineers, cost estimators, and construction managers have the experience to complete projects on time and within budget.

Information technology services Read More

InfinityField provides the most advanced information technology (IT) solutions to public and private clients around Africa. We provide broad engineering expertise and a structured, innovative approach to developing and maintaining applications and systems

Construction Management

Construction Planning Management

Completions Services and Drilling Fluids Read More

We offer integrated completion fluids services to facilitate each well’s final operations, prior to initiation of production. FluidControl provides chemicals, filtration equipment and onsite expertise designed for optimal compatibility with each reservoir formation, enabling you to control your well through precise flow and density settings.

Infinityfield also provides support services related to construction efforts, including construction management, inspection services, construction funds administration and loan disbursement, and other technical services.